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Angel Domingue was born in San Francisco in her early twenties discovered a love for writing and ministry. She currently lives in Sacramento and she loves to minister to God's people who are Incarcerated about the good news of Jesus Christ to bring love, hope, and encouragement by having faith in God. She has counseled many people who are desperately seeking healings mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. She also carries certification for Alcohol and Drug Counseling. She has a sincere heart for God's movement and accepts the calling of being one of God's Ambassadors.


First of all let me thank you for sending me your workbook. I started it almost a month ago working from someone else's book I finally received my own copy last night I can't even begin to express the impact that your book has had not only on me but the other ladies here at the Sandra Larson Women's Facility here @ RRRC in Elk Grove California. We have begun doing your workbook together every evening along with reading our bibles followed by a bible study so that we all get an understanding. Your workbook especially the "Prayer Notebook" are helping us get thru this difficult time while getting closer to the Lord as we begin to understand his word. I just want to thank you so much!

- L.A - Rio Cosumnes Correctional -

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